Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday's News

Hello all, hope you are all ok, I do believe spring is coming.

  Firstly I must share with you our Sunday spectacular, we were both at home all day on Sunday pottering around, we live on a farm and are lucky enough to be surrounded by fields, we had hundreds and I mean hundreds if not thousands of stunning starlings in the field outside our french doors nearly all day, they were later joined by hundreds of field fares, such a beautiful bird.  We spent most of the day oohing and arrhing and staring out the windows.  Starlings are such a underrated bird I think, they are so so pretty with their speckled chests.  And yes we were very lucky they performed their pretty patterns and shapes in the sky before heading off around 4pm to a nearby nature reserve.  Sorry no photos as they wouldn't keep still for a minute. The thing I loved the most was the whoosh noise they made as they flew over the house.  Quite amazing.

I have a couple of new design napkins, these sold immediately so have not been put on For Sale page or Ebay, I will however be making some more so watch this space.

My next painting project is going to be this cute but in need of tlc garden chair.  Im not sure what paint colour yet or fabric but it will be on here when ive decided.

I will leave you with a picture of my lovely scented geraimium which has just started to flower as I have it indoors over the winter. 

Take care and have a good week. xx

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  1. hello,
    i think you napkins are really lovely and very unusual i think they would be a wonderful talking point at any dinner party.