Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Chaos

Hello everyone, why is it that when my lovely Mr P is home the house is always a mess.  When I'm here alone its never a mess. Does anyone else have that messy feeling when husbands are at home?

I am slowly working out how to use my new computer, it really is FAB if only I knew how to use it.

I have finally started putting some craft items for sale on eBay.  The item number for the items is on my for sale page here.  My head is so full of ideas for the napkins, and I so love making them.   I am also very proud to say I have sold my first set of napkins, sooooooo excited.

I have been experimenting lately with typography on my painted tables, its a working progress which I'm not sure is going to work out as I am not the most patient person and don't have a steady hand, both qualities are needed for this project.  But I will keep trying.

I have booked another Annie Sloan painting course for March, so looking forward to that.  I could paint all day everyday if I could. oops hope Mr P doesnt read this as I havent told him yet.

I have started back at work this week, which has been a huge shock to the system. 

I have made some more napkins with some beautiful tea-cups on them, 2 of each colour the pink and blue, I think would be so lovely for afternoon tea. What do you think?

If any of you know me then you will know that I am a lover of cycling, although disgusted to say I haven't ridden my bike for quite some time.(dont tell my bro)  My bro  is also a keen cyclist and pretty good at it too,  So a quick mention for The Sky Team who have their first race of the season in Qatar today I believe, good luck boys, I believe cycling is going to have a fantastic year, you guys have my support all the way.  That's is for Sunday, take care and I will be back soon xx Please leave any comments you wish it would be lovely to hear from you all.

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