Monday, 23 April 2012

Mondays news

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well, anyone out there fed up with rain? its been non stop rain here.  We need some sunshine again.  I have been very busy of late so this is quite a short but sweet post updating you on the ups and downs of life.  I'm feeling much better, my lovely niece is sweet 16 this week, I'm busy making her a birthday cake, I'm no good at making cakes so a little nervous, it will be either a huge success or the talking point of the weekend.  I cannot believe she is 16, where has the time gone.

I have been so busy with my little business venture, I have a shop who have said they will sell my napkins, I'm over the moon with this news.  My napkins are also going to be on sale at a fair in Kelston by on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April.  Please take a look at the website for more details.  Unfortunately I will not be there.
I have not done any painting of furniture for a while, but more of that another day.
These are pictures of some new designs I have done, I'm quite proud of them as I'm not hugely creative with designs.  I am going to choose 6 designs which I will keep in stock regularly which are my best sellers. 

Of course these are all available to purchase, I only have 50cm napkins instead of the 40cm napkins, but they are the same price.

My lovely nest table has SOLD

I would like to close by asking for your opinion, I am thinking of a blog giveaway.  Subscribe to my blog and you could win a set of gorgeous napkins.  What do you guys think?

Lastly thank you for listening to my ramblings and hope you all have a great week, and a huge Happy Birthday to my gorgeous niece.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Awakening

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and full of chocolateness.  I have been feeling down and very sorry for myself of late, I have had, not one but two colds and a kidney infection in the past four weeks and haven't slept at nights just cough cough cough.  I had to work all over Easter and it was mighty busy.  So I was going to start this post with a rant and a moan, but NO I'm not.  The time has come to stop feeling sorry for myself, and stop I want this and I want that, and take a look around and see what I have got.
So this post is about how very lucky I am.

I have been wanting an Nespresso coffee machine for so long now I cant remember not wanting it.  I have the colour brochure, and when I'm feeling down Mr P takes me to my favourite Cook Shop just so I can see them all lined up on the shelf, and touch them and twiddle with the knobs.  Look what the Easter bunny brought me!!!!!

How lucky am I, it is total luxury to have a quality espresso first thing before going out into the mad world. Slightly disappointed that George Clooney didn't come as a accessory thou.

Yesterday I came home from work to find a new born calf in the field right outside our kitchen window, not many people have that in their garden, Last night I had a coughing attack around 3am and just as I finished I heard our resident owl screeching, I looked out of the window and there he was sitting on our garden fence.  How Luck am I.

I have got some new crockery, Sophie Conran for Portmerion in the Hearts range, I have been totally in love with this range since she launched it, however bit too pricey for me, so I didn't think I would be owning any of it.  However a trip down to Clark's Village in Street and they had slight seconds in the crockery shop, well I was beside myself with excitement.  The range is slightly uneven I guess is the best way to describe it, and the seconds are just slightly more uneven than normal.  I purchased some bowls, some soooo cute mugs that fit perfectly under my George (nespresso machine) and some plates and a jug.  When I got home I sat down and thought oh it would of been nice to have bought the proper stuff and not slight seconds, but no I thought I'm not going down that road, I never thought I would be able to own any of the range and now I have quite a few pieces, all slightly uneven and wonky but that just adds more character.  How lucky am I.

I have a great husband who has looked after me these last few weeks when I have had girlie flu, he has fed me, filled up my hot water bottle, bought me chocolate, I couldn't ask for more. How lucky am I.

So when I'm feeling down looking at my I want list and having to work weekends instead of seeing my family and friends, I will just look at how lucky I am.

On another note, I have more napkins for sale soon,

My Nest table is almost finished, just needs waxing and will be for sale very soon.

For anyone who is local, please take a look at who are launching their first spring collection with Annie Sloan paints and waxes beautiful hand painted furniture and gifts, french linens and much more, Vanessa has also very kindly said she will take a few of my napkins along to sell.  At Kelston Village Hall, Kelston, Bath, BA1 9AG on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April, 9am to 3pm, oh and lovely cakes too.
That's the end of my ramblings for today thank you for listening and have a great weekend coming up.  I will leave you with a picture of our Easter cake, coffee and walnut not your usual Easter cake, Mr P is making a grand job of making it disappear.
Take care
Sin x