Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Shopping Fair

Come and see us for a great evening of shopping and handmade. Lots of fabulous christmas presents with just a little one for yourself too.
Wednesday 14th November 6.30 - 9.30
Weston Cricket Club, Devonshire Road, WSM £1.00 entrance fee.

Im nervous....... my first craft fair........

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Free Giveaway

Just a quick reminder to everyone to hop over to www.twiggstudios.com to win a free set of beautiful napkins by Maison Daisy, gift wrapped to your door.  Twigg Studios is the greatest Tutorial website around.


New Friends

Happy Sunday everyone,

Hope you are all having a great weekend, the sun is shining and Christmas is coming, sorry only 10 weeks to go I think, I'm so not ready for Christmas yet!!!!!!

I want to tell you the latest news on some wonderful people I have met recently.

Recently I had a coffee with a lovely person called Cheryl who has Vintage Village, you can find her on facebook facebook.com/vintagevillagesomerset, what a fabulous person, she sells all sorts of retro and vintage wares, at www.cleevenursery.co.uk, I love Cleeve Nursery they do the best plants and their own compost which is just the best.  Anyway Cheryl has a little corner of her vintage wares in the Food Hut inside Cleeve Nursery and she has so very kindly let me sell my napkins and cushions there too.  The only problem I can find with this, is she has such lovely things I want to buy them all.

A couple of the cushions for sale at Vintage Village, Cleeve Nursery, this cushion has some old vintage trains featured, which would be lovely in a boys room, all cushions are £18.00.

I also met a very talented lady called Sam who has the most divine shop in Locking Village, well she has gorgeous painted furniture and  stunning things for Christmas, I couldn't resist buying some little hanging stars that smell of Christmas, she is also selling my napkins too, I am thrilled to have my napkins in such a gorgeous shop, the shop is a little hidden away but once you find it, you will never want to leave.  www.simplygorgeousshop.wordpress.com You must go and visit.

I have some new design napkins, more pictures to follow, don't forget these will make a lovely Christmas present, and I will gift wrap and postage all free to UK only, just send me a email and I can send you all the designs to choose from.

The last thing I would like to talk to you about is a confession really.  Yes I confess that I am in love with Portmerion, Sophie Conran, I have been very very bad and bought some more to add to my collection.  I just love it so much, it makes me smile at breakfast and I'm still smiling at supper.

Yes I know I still havent painted my dresser, its on my TO DO list which seems to be getting longer and longer.

Have a great Sunday

Friday, 21 September 2012

I'm back

Hello everyone,

Yes I know its been so long since I last blogged.  It has been so busy at work I just haven't had the energy for much else really.

Today I have got the jumpers out, yes its that time of year when summer is definitely coming to a close.

We have a new resident on the farm, he sits on the same post outside our kitchen window between 7.30 and 7.45pm every evening,  a beautiful little owl.  We have a resident tawny owl but this is a little owl, apparently quite rare.  He is just magnificent.  We now plan our supper around watching for the Ollie to arrive.  We are so lucky.

I have had to buy a new printer, oh my goodness its so difficult trying to buy something like that, so many to choose from and so many features, I just want a printer that prints a good image I said frustratingly to the assistant, I don't want to know if it stands on its head whilst printing A3.  Anyway I managed to get one, and now I have no idea how it works, its a copier/fax/scans/prints/A3/A4/double sided, but strangely doesn't make the tea.  Seriously its quite good I think.

I haven't painted any furniture of late, but some new designs of napkins, these would make fantastic Christmas presents, (yes its coming) and postage is free to UK and a bargain at £14.95 for four or £7.95 for two.

I also have been busy making some cotton coasters, the same as the napkins but coaster size, these are just super presents at £4.95 for four.

I have a new shop I am supplying called Scotts Garden Supplies in Congresbury, super shop and a lovely cafe called Heather's right next door who make the most perfect cuppa and cake.  I am supplying old recycled pots painted and designed exclusively for Patricia of Scotts, I love the shop and wish her well in her new venture.

More napkin designs

Shortly I will be adding some new items to my crafting empire, some best tea towels, best as in the ones you lay over your aga when you have guests staying to make your kitchen look posh.  These will have stencilled typography on them, also burlap table runners, trouble is I love them myself so want to keep them all.

Last weekend was epic, on Saturday I marshaled for the Tour of Britain, up on Dartmoor, I was posted on the KOM2 just outside Princetown, and it was great fun, what a huge turnout and everyone had such fun.  And I was on the tele, how exciting, although TV does nothing for your figure.  So if anyone watched stage 7 of the Tour of Britain I was the one on the left with a fluorescent safety tabard trying to look cool. In fact I looked like a giant space hopper.
Then a long drive down to Sussex to stay with good friends (thanks Diana and Duncan) to attend the Goodwood Revival on Sunday.  What a day it was, pictures to follow.  I dressed up as a 1940's land girl and Mr P as a Naval Commander, it truly was a epic weekend.

So things have been rather hectic around here, but I do promise to blog more.  I do promise really.

Have a great weekend

Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Fever and Bolting

Hello everyone,

Wow what a emotional Olympics, I am so proud to be British and Team GB have done us proud, I had a wonderful quote which was posted on twitter saying,

 "goodbye London 2012 Olympics, you have made me proud I will miss you - now lets build on the Olympic Spirit and make us Great again".

I don't think there is anything else to say really, as you know I am a huge cycling fan so I would like to say well done to the GB boys who rode a fantastic road race, and so sorry for Mark Cavendish, but his time will come I am sure, and GB girls well you were amazing.  I am also very proud of my bro who had a part in the Olympics.

Well that's my Olympic bolt out of the way, our house is in Bolt fever.

I have had a very busy few weeks, been to see my mum in Sussex just a day visit, had family over this weekend, and painted my bedroom.  I'm so pleased with the result, it has all been done on a shoestring and all recycled, well except for a gorgeous quilt Mr P bought me in South Molton on our hols, he originally said no but then I made that girlie puppy face like I was going to cry and have a full blown public tantrum when he said OK then, well it did have 20% off. 

These are some bedside drawers that I painted up in ASCP of course, so pleased with them.

The headboard was a eBay £20.00 find, it does have a bottom but I quite like just the headboard, this I painted in ASCP Paloma and then old white on top.  It is a real purple/pink colour but when dry looks more like a dusky grey.

The large old gilt mirror was also a eBay find, a Home base slatted blind and some vintage lace and its all come together lovely, soooo pleased.

As we had family for the weekend, we set off to Tintern Abbey on Sunday with a picnic and then onto Symonds Yat for a walk and to see the peregrines.

I went to Tintern on holiday as a small child and I am all grown up now and still going back, it has a sense of calm about it and so beautiful.

So glad its only a short drive away, the river Wye is also a stunning walk.

I am designing some new napkins at the moment and thinking of some Christmas designs too, yes its on its way, sushhhhhhhhh.

I will leave you with a few photos from our little trip away to Devon, we stayed on a Eco campsite which was great and had a camp fire each night and toasted marshmallows.Each evening we watched a pair of barn owls feeding there brood of teenagers, life doesn't get any better than that.  We walked Lynford Gorge, not for the faint hearted. Took a steam train to Totnes. and the usual treat on our gorgeous Exmoor of cream teas and stunning scenery.  My heart is in Exmoor.

Take care everyone and have a great week,  and a huge huge huge thank you for your lovely comments im so glad you are enjoying my blog.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Im back

Hello bloggers,

Have you all been enjoying the sunshine, its been glorious here in Somerset, I'm back in blogging land again,  been a very stressful- trying time of late, breaking down on the way to my bestest friends wedding, missing her big day, spending the day in the back of a tow truck, a few days away camping where we went to bed with our wellies on, and a moat appeared around the tent, fixing car, car finally dying and going to car heaven, trying to find another car.   Oh my goodness I think I need a holiday.

Anyway all behind me now, do you remember the TV cabinet I was in the process of re-vamping, well all done and looking so gorgeous, I reluctantly will be putting her on eBay later today, and she is on my for sale page, please contact me if you would like to give her a home.  As I said she started life as a TV cabinet, but I have put a pretty wallpapered back to her, and I think she would be great as a small linen chest in maybe a bathroom, I have painted her in duck egg blue ASCP of course, with the usual waxing and distressing. The picture doesnt do it justice, its such a lovely colour. What do you think?

This picture is of some really really cheap and cheerful table and chairs I bought from The Range, they look so different with a lick of paint, we have put them outside the front of the house, and its our favourite place to eat our breakfast.  I used two coats of 'wood sage' colour.

I will be back soon with more tales from Somerset,
Take care


Monday, 16 July 2012

Few days rest and recuperation

Hello everyone,

Well what do you think of my new design blog, thanks to Aimee at Twigg Studios, I contacted her to ask her advice on blogging and look what she has done for me, I am thrilled with it, she is such a lovely person and her blog is amazing, if you haven't already been over to her blog you need to in a hurry, www.twiggstudios.blogspot.com , Thank you Aimee,

I will be away for a few days rest and recuperation, would you believe camping, yes we have got wellies, but may need to buy a boat.   This weather has got to end soon.

I will be back soon with lots of exciting things to tell you.  Take care everyone

Love Sindy

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Its still raining

Hello everyone, yes its still raining in Somerset, today is particulary bad, very heavy down pours, thats why I am up so early on a rest day. 

Well things have been very busy here, I still have toothache and having another two teeth taken out on Wednesday, hopefully that will be the end to anymore toothache.

I have been working hard on some wedding designs for my napkins, I have the offer to go onto a Wedding website so trying to get some designs together for that, this is a design I made for my good friend Lynn, who's son is getting married on 4th July 2012, congratulations to them both.

Its quite plain but I will be doing some more fancy ones too.  I hope they like them.

I have also made a cushion for a Christmas Present, yes i've started thinking about Christmas, that stressful time of year when you are stretched to your limit.  I get most of my graphics from the graphics fairy, you can find a link to her website on the right hand side of here.  She has the most amazing graphics her website is like a treasure trove, and such a lovely person too, please take a visit over to her site.

I have some very exciting things in the pipeline which until I have them sorted I cannot tell you about so you will have to come back and see.

I am in the process of painting a lovely little cabinet, it was orginally used as a tv cabinet, although I really dont think there are any flat screen tv's that would fit in this cabinet now, the doors fold back all the way and it has lovely detailed legs, I will put a back on it covered in some lovelyness wallpaper, but im so pleased with the colour, its of ASCP in duck egg blue, ive had the tin for a while but not used it yet, the colour is more like a greeny grey/blue, i love it, my favourite colour at the moment, I will post a picture when its finished, and it will go in my shop for sale, Hubbys orders, :(  I think it would be lovely as a small linen cupboard in a bathroom maybe.

This is what it looked like before, just crying out for some attention and a re-vamp.

Looking good with only one coat so far.

You will find me on the sofa for the next three weeks as the Tour de France started yesterday, im so excited, good luck Sky.

So I must dash, housework to do before TDF,
Take care
Sin x

Monday, 11 June 2012

I think I need a boat!

Hello everyone,

Well if this weather keeps up I am going to need to buy a boat. Did we have summer? Did I miss it? This wet weather feels like its seeping into my bones making me miserable and lazy.  I have wanted to put the heating back on a couple of evenings ago, Mr P just looked at me as if to say, "NO WE SHALL NOT GIVE IN TO THE WEATHER".

Anyway, it cant last sunshine is on its way.  I have been busy with Maison Daisy and it has been half term this week so busy busy at work too.  I finally had my tooth out, yes it was traumatic, yes I was brave and yes it still hurts.

My bro sent me a great screen saver which I would like to share with you, I am getting quite excited about Team GB cycling, come on boys and girls we can bring home the gold.

Loving it, Thanks bro xx

The Jubilee fever came to the farm, we had a great street party on Sunday and did not let the rain spoil it for us, if the Queen bless her can stand for four hours in the rain for the pageant then so could we.  Ma'am we bow and salute you, what would we be without her.

Mr P is obsessed with Tea Cake or Death, (don't ask I have no idea), this one is cake, we stopped off at our favourite haunt on our way to Wells, www.sweetstearooms.co.uk the best homemade cake in the world.  After tea and cake I find Mr P is much more approachable and calm when I say darling I've made a list!!!!!

As you can see I have been busy painting and crafting, I am in the process of decorating our bedroom, but cannot decide what colour to do the walls, I was thinking of a soft chalky grey with shabby white furniture, some yellow and grey curtain material and cushions to match, what do you think?

We have had some visitors to the farm, they are nesting somewhere on the farm and thought they would pop in for some breakfast with us, there quackers about toast.

I have some great news too, I have fallen head over heels in love with a shop in Wells, www.sewvintagewells.co.uk, oh my goodness what a gorgeous shop, I wanted to buy one of everything, they had the most stunning ribbons in there, and guess what, the lovely Jules loved my napkins and is now selling them.  This is a design I'm working on now for her, I hope she is going to like it.

I am really pleased with them, and so happy to be supplying such a fab shop, if you live near by Sew Vintage also do courses, to which I am sure I will be signing up for.  I have also been experimenting with some bias cotton ribbon, I think it has worked rather well.

I will leave you with some images from home,  Take care sin x