Monday, 11 June 2012

I think I need a boat!

Hello everyone,

Well if this weather keeps up I am going to need to buy a boat. Did we have summer? Did I miss it? This wet weather feels like its seeping into my bones making me miserable and lazy.  I have wanted to put the heating back on a couple of evenings ago, Mr P just looked at me as if to say, "NO WE SHALL NOT GIVE IN TO THE WEATHER".

Anyway, it cant last sunshine is on its way.  I have been busy with Maison Daisy and it has been half term this week so busy busy at work too.  I finally had my tooth out, yes it was traumatic, yes I was brave and yes it still hurts.

My bro sent me a great screen saver which I would like to share with you, I am getting quite excited about Team GB cycling, come on boys and girls we can bring home the gold.

Loving it, Thanks bro xx

The Jubilee fever came to the farm, we had a great street party on Sunday and did not let the rain spoil it for us, if the Queen bless her can stand for four hours in the rain for the pageant then so could we.  Ma'am we bow and salute you, what would we be without her.

Mr P is obsessed with Tea Cake or Death, (don't ask I have no idea), this one is cake, we stopped off at our favourite haunt on our way to Wells, the best homemade cake in the world.  After tea and cake I find Mr P is much more approachable and calm when I say darling I've made a list!!!!!

As you can see I have been busy painting and crafting, I am in the process of decorating our bedroom, but cannot decide what colour to do the walls, I was thinking of a soft chalky grey with shabby white furniture, some yellow and grey curtain material and cushions to match, what do you think?

We have had some visitors to the farm, they are nesting somewhere on the farm and thought they would pop in for some breakfast with us, there quackers about toast.

I have some great news too, I have fallen head over heels in love with a shop in Wells,, oh my goodness what a gorgeous shop, I wanted to buy one of everything, they had the most stunning ribbons in there, and guess what, the lovely Jules loved my napkins and is now selling them.  This is a design I'm working on now for her, I hope she is going to like it.

I am really pleased with them, and so happy to be supplying such a fab shop, if you live near by Sew Vintage also do courses, to which I am sure I will be signing up for.  I have also been experimenting with some bias cotton ribbon, I think it has worked rather well.

I will leave you with some images from home,  Take care sin x


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