Monday, 28 May 2012

Great British Summer is here

Hello bloggers,
Well it looks like the great British summer is finally here, and  how great it is to see the sun. Although I must say it has been very very hot at work. 

All is well with Maison Daisy, I have been trying out some table runners that match the napkins and I will start selling them soon, I'm really pleased with them.

I have started knitting dishcloths too, yes me Mrs impatience is knitting, I have to say its taking every ounce of concentration in the evenings, I have a fab friend Lovely Olive who is an expert knitter and making some for me too, Olive can do two in one evening, I can do one in a week. 

I have a couple of new designs for the napkins which if they sell well, I may add to my always in stock designs.

I have had the most horrendous toothache, as people who know me will know I DO NOT LIKE DENTISTS,  however after calling A&E at 3am one morning I knew I was going to have to visit the dentist, the result being a abscess in my gum, ouch, I have to say it is the most pain I have ever felt in my life, he put me on some antibiotics and said keep taking the pain killers and we will see you next week to remove the tooth, well that was last Tuesday, so it will be a week tomorrow, I cannot wait to go back to the dentist to get this tooth removed, that tells you how much pain I am still in. 
Apologies to Mr P who has had to put up with me being very grumpy indeed.

The garden is looking very Britshly gorgeous, it seems overnight the flowers have emerged from their sleep, the fruit trees are getting leaves.

Mr P bought me this David Austin rose many years ago and it has moved around with me, it is one of my favourite treasures.  Hurry up runner beans we want to eat you!

We have blue tits nesting in out box we think there are three babies, we have been sitting outside watching the parents feeding every minute or so, sooo sweet, sorry not a good picture as I  didn't want to get too close and disturb them.

A couple of Sundays ago, we went down to the old airfield strip at Westonzoyland to watch mad bikes.  It was great, there were some drag bikes but you could just ride up and take your road bike down the strip.  Some very fast lap times.

So thats all the news from our house, hope you all have a wonderful week, and just a quick Congratulations to Erin and Alderney for their cycling at Goodwood (southdown velo cycling club) at the weekend, GO TEAM BAKER.

Take Care
Sin x

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  1. Your choice of design is so appropriate since this is Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee. The napkins are utterly charming. Bravo. Virginia