Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring is here

Hello everyone, well I think spring is finally here, it feels like its been a long long winter, anyone else feeling the same?
I was so excited when I returned home from work on Saturday to find the cows are now out after being in a warm cosy barn all winter, they went mad, jumping and running around, and then I looked out of my kitchen window which looks straight on to what we call the nursery field, and there was mummy and her new baby, the smallest cutest ickle moo.  Mummy is very protective so it was difficult to get a good photo, but soooo cute, still very unsteady on her feet.

My bargain of the week, this gorgeous Paris cushion from TESCO, yes I know so impressed and its lovely,  I bought two and they were £10.00 each bargain.  Mr P didn't didn't notice at first, then a couple of days later he said "not more cushions" No darling I replied we have had them for years you just don't notice, he walked away scratching his head, don't know if Ive got away with that one!!!!

As my love of all things rustic and vintage continues, I have collected a few old mirrors over time, I love the way the glass is worn and goes black around the edges, I have a cute round mirror which I have been thinking where to put and had the bright idea of making into a table piece, so I just took the chain off the back, stuck some felt around the edges and voila, what do you think? I love it.
The weather has been so glorious lately and we have been so busy at work that I haven't had much energy to do much crafting, I have made a few new designs of napkins which will be coming shortly but I have done some more painting.

This is my ongoing project a lovely table with barley twist legs.
I have painted with ASCP in Old Ocre and distressed it. Have I said lately how much I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?
Then I found a image from the lovely , re sized the image to fit the table, and then printed it.  I used carbon paper to transfer image to the table top. To re size any image I use they are great and its so easy to use.
Carefully I outlined the wording, you have to be careful as carbon paper does tend to smudge especially if you lean on it.  You are then left with an outline on the table for you to either paint or I use a sharpie permanent marker, I haven't got this far yet, I may sit down and do that this evening, all it needs after that is distressing however much or little you wish and a coat of wax or lacquer.  I will post a picture of the finished table.  This table will be for sale and I hope someone buys it soon as I'm falling in love with it already its going to look so good  when finished.
I would like to say a big thank you again to Twigg studios for the feature on me, I was so excited for days, and it was lovely to get so many encouraging comments thank you everyone, if you haven't visited her blog please do so it is just gorgeous and full of loveliness.
That's where I'm off to now,
Take care and be happy
Sin x

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