Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Get Organised

Hello everyone, hope you are all well,  I have been busy crafting and painting, new items have been added to this blog under For Sale, please feel free to leave me any comments or if you need further information on delivery please email me.  Ive included these lovely napkins which are just stunning.  I love Annie Sloan paint, I've been painting furniture for many years and I have to say Annie Sloan paint rocks. I am hoping to turn my passion for painting into a profession.  I will be putting these napkins on EBay to which there will be a link on this blog shortly.

My new years promise to myself, is to get my house/life into order.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  I had this bright idea in the middle of the night for my spice jars.

I brought from my local Dunelm Mills store, some jam jars which fit into one of my kitchen dresser drawers, painted the lids with chalkboard paint and done, spice jars organised.

Coming soon,  clock napkins, sooooo cute

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