Monday, 30 July 2012

Im back

Hello bloggers,

Have you all been enjoying the sunshine, its been glorious here in Somerset, I'm back in blogging land again,  been a very stressful- trying time of late, breaking down on the way to my bestest friends wedding, missing her big day, spending the day in the back of a tow truck, a few days away camping where we went to bed with our wellies on, and a moat appeared around the tent, fixing car, car finally dying and going to car heaven, trying to find another car.   Oh my goodness I think I need a holiday.

Anyway all behind me now, do you remember the TV cabinet I was in the process of re-vamping, well all done and looking so gorgeous, I reluctantly will be putting her on eBay later today, and she is on my for sale page, please contact me if you would like to give her a home.  As I said she started life as a TV cabinet, but I have put a pretty wallpapered back to her, and I think she would be great as a small linen chest in maybe a bathroom, I have painted her in duck egg blue ASCP of course, with the usual waxing and distressing. The picture doesnt do it justice, its such a lovely colour. What do you think?

This picture is of some really really cheap and cheerful table and chairs I bought from The Range, they look so different with a lick of paint, we have put them outside the front of the house, and its our favourite place to eat our breakfast.  I used two coats of 'wood sage' colour.

I will be back soon with more tales from Somerset,
Take care


Monday, 16 July 2012

Few days rest and recuperation

Hello everyone,

Well what do you think of my new design blog, thanks to Aimee at Twigg Studios, I contacted her to ask her advice on blogging and look what she has done for me, I am thrilled with it, she is such a lovely person and her blog is amazing, if you haven't already been over to her blog you need to in a hurry, , Thank you Aimee,

I will be away for a few days rest and recuperation, would you believe camping, yes we have got wellies, but may need to buy a boat.   This weather has got to end soon.

I will be back soon with lots of exciting things to tell you.  Take care everyone

Love Sindy

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Its still raining

Hello everyone, yes its still raining in Somerset, today is particulary bad, very heavy down pours, thats why I am up so early on a rest day. 

Well things have been very busy here, I still have toothache and having another two teeth taken out on Wednesday, hopefully that will be the end to anymore toothache.

I have been working hard on some wedding designs for my napkins, I have the offer to go onto a Wedding website so trying to get some designs together for that, this is a design I made for my good friend Lynn, who's son is getting married on 4th July 2012, congratulations to them both.

Its quite plain but I will be doing some more fancy ones too.  I hope they like them.

I have also made a cushion for a Christmas Present, yes i've started thinking about Christmas, that stressful time of year when you are stretched to your limit.  I get most of my graphics from the graphics fairy, you can find a link to her website on the right hand side of here.  She has the most amazing graphics her website is like a treasure trove, and such a lovely person too, please take a visit over to her site.

I have some very exciting things in the pipeline which until I have them sorted I cannot tell you about so you will have to come back and see.

I am in the process of painting a lovely little cabinet, it was orginally used as a tv cabinet, although I really dont think there are any flat screen tv's that would fit in this cabinet now, the doors fold back all the way and it has lovely detailed legs, I will put a back on it covered in some lovelyness wallpaper, but im so pleased with the colour, its of ASCP in duck egg blue, ive had the tin for a while but not used it yet, the colour is more like a greeny grey/blue, i love it, my favourite colour at the moment, I will post a picture when its finished, and it will go in my shop for sale, Hubbys orders, :(  I think it would be lovely as a small linen cupboard in a bathroom maybe.

This is what it looked like before, just crying out for some attention and a re-vamp.

Looking good with only one coat so far.

You will find me on the sofa for the next three weeks as the Tour de France started yesterday, im so excited, good luck Sky.

So I must dash, housework to do before TDF,
Take care
Sin x